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I had invented an instrument called the Vox Humana which was rendered obsolete months later by the synthesizer. We wasted a lot of studio time building it but we had a ball. I was living in Coldwater Canyon in a house in Hazen Drive. It was a very workaday kind of environment. And it was a time when I felt my career had plateaued a bit. A very good time to get the work done. Somewhere in there I wrote Shower the People. I remember that the chorale parts at the end of it were a thrill to find and to sing.

Great days…. There was definitely a time when I was required by contract to the record company to come up with an album every year or two. But taking a week off and going to some distant location and defending the empty time for a week at a stretch may be an impossible thing to ask.

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If you could sit and talk to anyone dead or alive. Who would it be??? And this guy Jesus seems like a compelling character. That would be good. My personal hero is Martin Luther King. Johann Sebastian Bach would be interesting.

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Caroline I See You Lyrics: Caroline, I see you / Standing on the stairway / Waiting for your bear there / Handy on the landing / Penny in my. Caroline, I see you standing on the stairway, waiting for your bear there. Handy on the landing, penny in my pocket, high enough to hold you. When I come back .

Hi Shari! I had finished recording the Apple album and my friends told me that a girlfriend, Suzanne, had committed suicide in NY a couple of months earlier. They had kept the news from me, not wanting to upset me while I was recording my debut album. I wrote the 2nd two verses in Stockbridge, MA in a rehab situation. I was probably trying to comfort myself and was amazed that it resonated so deeply with so many other people. It was a kick. George Jones was a big influence on me. I think it affected a lot of people.

He and I stayed in touch and I really valued his friendship for a number of years. I miss George a lot. How was this song born?


Your Smiling Face is one of those up-tempo, cheerful, celebratory songs. It started with a descending bass line and that catchy turnaround played by Dr McDonald on the piano. It was a great session. I think everything works. I come from a time when you needed to have an instrument if you wanted to be a musician, but what an instrument is is an open question. It definitely used to be simpler to make an album with 8- or track analog tape, but the amount of creative control that digital multi-tracking gives us today and the ability to record anywhere we want in the world, on a budget, is a definite improvement.

It takes longer to mix everything down and you can get lost in the process, but it sure is great! If money were no object, what types of music programs would you like to see initiated in public schools? We should offer our kids more opportunities to enjoy the richness of our global culture and not just think of them as future members of the workforce.

I think it should start with music appreciation. Just exposing students to a great range of music and then somehow give them a chance to create music themselves. Choral music for a start, but alas…. Joan Minx Ivison: What made you spend time with your audience and sign autographs in your breaks. It just sort of happened, Joan. And before I know it the whole intermission is gone. I love my audience and I find it changes the atmosphere for the second set. Helps break down the barrier between the audience and the stage.

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US sports. Elizabeth Curtiss Smith: Hello fellow Chilmarker!!! Jenn K. Though I love theatres and larger venues, there is something unique and special about playing in a small club. I listened to my reading again last night. Around that time, the Mother card came up.

Scott Carolyn Mallin: I had the pleasure of singing at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall and felt honored to have performed in the same places as the greatest in the industry have. Do you get those same feelings when you perform? Yes Scott, definitely! There are some venues that are a destination in themselves. The gorge in the state of Washington. It definitely adds something to be one of these world renowned, iconic venues.

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The audience feels it too. Tanglewood of course, too! I am curious about the inspiration behind this song? You must have been reading the Vedas while you are writing this mysterious song and enchanting song. Thanks, Gerry.


Not only is the song itself mysterious, but where it came from and how I came to write it is also mysterious. Some of these songs seem to come from a dream state, particularly that one.

No competition whatsoever. Southern Berkshire Chamber: What makes our Berkshires so beloved a place to live, work and play? Do you believe there is some magic in these hills which ignites us with passion and joy?

Caroline I See You

Thank you. Maybe it has to do with the history of the place. Yes Jill. There was a folk guitarist named Merle Travis who developed something called Travis Picking. Needing a good read just now! Hi tee! We all miss you. Hope to see you sometime soon.

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Do you like police thrillers? Try John Sandford. The Lucas Davenport novels. Love to the whole family, Tee! Rachel Meyers: Will you please make some of your homemade pie cooling racks available on your website? My homemade pie cooling racks, Rachel? Well you sure do know how to compliment a guy!

While I was carrying them from the car to the kitchen door, I tripped on a stone that had fallen off the wall and the pies went down! Thanks to my excellent pie rack rhymes with Iraq not a single flake of the delicious crust was lost! It is indeed a fine pie rack. Thank you for seeing that! I also start dating my ex husband in your Rock in Rio show.

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My kids love your songs. So my question is obvious: Do you have plans to bring your new album tour to Rio? I was so delighted by the response of the audience in Brazil at that first concert at Rock in Rio. It really turned me around at a particularly low point in my life and Brazilian music and culture has had a huge impact on my work. I look forward to seeing you then! My father loved music and had a beautiful baritone voice. He also played a mean harmonica.