Deadly Politics (Taci Andrews Mysteries)

A Taci Andrews Mystery Series
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She starts her own P. The books read like police suspense stories more than fantasy stories. Gwen may be a member of the Fae race but barely realizes this fact and the rest of the world within the novels are a mirror of our own world. Although the story is classified as fantasy because Gwen finds out she is Fae toward the end of the book, it reads like a suspense police thriller.

The book sets up storylines for future books in the series. Martin's Press Copyright : Reviewer : Nancy Book Rating : Reviewer Comments : Eighty-six-year-old Hennie Comfort has lived in Middle Swan, Colorado, since just after the Civil War and has forged a life in the mining town, in a house with a weathered sign in the front yard offering prayers for sale. When lonely young Nit Spindle hands Hennie her last nickel for a prayer, their friendship begins and, through stories shared over quilts and coffee, the two women share their lives.

What a wonderful read! Raised in the safety and shelter of her small farming town, Rennie is unprepared for the hatred she sees in her neighbors and tells her story with wry, poignant observation. When a young girl is raped and murdered suspicion centered on the Japanese splits the town.

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In addition to memorable characters author Dallas again emphasizes the need for women to create strong emotional networks. Shirley Damsgaard. Trying to flee her personal demons, Ophelia moves to small town Summerset, Iowa to be close to Abby and the two of them find themselves in the middle of murder and mystery. Ophelia again stumbles upon a dead body in the small town of Summerset, Iowa. A quick read murder mystery where the secondary characters, at times, seem more interesting than the lead character.

The series makes you wonder if living in a quiet, small town might be more dangerous than city life. It seems the author is more interested in having these charming psychic ladies embrace their witch heritage than telling a good story. I actually forgot the story was about finding her.

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Witches, motorcycle gangs, corrupt cops, and ghosts fill this installment with wit and suspense. As in all the adventures of these amateur sleuths, the generational witches grow in their understanding of the craft as well as their skills at working with the authorities to solve crime. The mysteries in this series are captivating and the characters have grown endearing to the point that I look forward to brewing a little tea for their visit. Both have paranormal abilities but Ophelia is a too uptight to let her skills flourish.

What will get me to read the next book in the series is her delightful grandmother, Abby.

Another small town mystery where murder and conspiracy shakes up the normally tranquil world of Summerset, Iowa. Now Pepper finds herself in the middle of a huge media frenzy at the cemetery and working to debunk the center of all that attention. Funny, fast and full of heart, this second book in the Pepper Martin Mystery series is a delight. She takes a job as a historic tour guide in a legendary cemetery. After a head injury from landing on a headstone, Pepper finds she is able to communicate with the dead in need of help, and slowly becomes a reluctant sleuth solving crimes long gone cold.

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This first murder mystery in the Pepper Martin Mystery series is funny, charming and full of life. The fact that the story takes place in Cleveland, Ohio made it even more delightful for this ex-Clevelander. In this third Pepper Martin Mystery series. Pepper finds herself trying to find out who is channeling a 's rock icon that died of an overdose and threatening the remaining aging members of his band. As the mystery unravels, Pepper finds that she needs to come to terms with her own past before she can truly take a chance at getting involved with the living.

She realizes her life is no different than these aging rockers and their groupies, who failed to move forward in their lives when the party was over. These mysteries are smart, equally mixing humor and suspense, and are just fun to read.

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When loathsome editor Theodore Ratnoff is murdered, no one is upset by his death well, almost no one , but when the murders don't stop there the entire staff gets pretty edgy. And when reporter Jude Hurley, stymied at every turn in his attempt to write the story, is targeted by the killer he only becomes more determined to find the truth. A nicely ironic, well-crafted book. Mary-Janice Davidson.

They need to be longer or Davidson needs to write faster. A word of warning, if you are a devoted fan - the first three stories were originally published in e-book format. The fourth in this series and final tale is new and features George the Fiend, so Betsy and gang are all included!

Watch for another "Gorgeous" book in May and "Undead" series. This is a collection of 4 short stories with characters from her other novels. You can enjoy these without having read her other books. Each one is a different way for the characters to fall in love.

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In another sense, however, the two films are very much of the same blood. At pm, Mr. Authorities believe that Vince was initially sedated with drugs before he eventually was strangled with a boot-type lace. Just The Write Stuff. She was found on Sept 13 near Hondo Creek, Texas. On November 26, , police announced that for the first time in this case they had a suspect. Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence Mamoru Oshii.

Jenny Branch helps Kevin Stone go back undercover into the Snakepit to disrupt their evil plans. It's the author's typical humorous romp with romance. She has just turned fourteen and discovered a secret that her parents have kept from her too long - she is a weredragon like her father and grandfather. The authors have penned a humorous, yet realistic look of her trials as she tries to cope with her large lizard-like body, its new powers, and the betrayal she feels about her parents' secrets. She isn't given too much time to adjust before she must try her new wings and help her mother find her father before he is killed.

This is a book that all ages can enjoy. She learns that the world is a much stranger place than she ever thought it was. Move over, "teenage werewolf," here comes "I was a teenage weredragon.

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I definitely look forward to reading more of Jennifer's adventures. She's got the attitude, AND she breathes fire!


Investigative reporter Taci Andrews is back in this explosive third book of the Deadly series. Its election time in the town of Riverdale, Iowa, and the mayoral candidates are heating up, along with Taci's love life. Investigative reporter Taci Andrews is back in this explosive third book of the Deadly series. Its election time in the town of Riverdale, Iowa, and the mayoral.

Look out, world, this sassy shapeshifter is just getting started! Full of were-dragons, were-spiders and warriors sans the horror normally found in books of this genre. Jennifer and friends are dealing with normal adolescent problems common among most teens. Throw in some very unique anthropomorphic changes and you wonder just how they hold it together. The story focuses on maintaining friendships regardless of the dramatic personal differences that try to tear this group apart.

Also, it is great to see Jennifer find common ground between her diverse parents. Anyone, regardless of age, who appreciates a good lycanthrope story, will enjoy these books. At first I found the somewhat soap-opera-ish plot to be a bit much even for a fantasy, but once I accepted the drama I thoroughly enjoyed it. This series is marketed for teens but is a good read for adults as well. Jennifer is being trained in her mother's heritage and struggling with friend and family relationships, while trying to avoid being killed.

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Who says teenagers have it easy?! Especially half-weredragon teenagers facing a lot of secrets. I look forward to the third book!

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A very interesting short story collection centered around a town that is a sanctuary for magical and supernatural beings who live there along with regular humans. This amusing romance develops as Dr. Another fun read that makes you wish the next one comes soon! But that's okay, since she has made friends with Al who turns out to be the reigning king of Alaska and matchmaking for his son.

The rest of this alternative reality is a hilarious chronicle of the romance between Christina and Prince David, their marriage, and her adjustment to life as a Princess. This book is the first in a series and like her "Undead" novels, it is filled with the author's usual quirky, comical yet realistic characters and their penguins.