Early Childhood Activities for a Greener Earth (NONE)

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This way everyone can play the same game at their own level! To keep the Earth Day theme going, have students make patterns with rocks, green gems and blue gems.

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You can make a pattern and students can extend it. Students can also make the start of a pattern and their friend can extend it, or students can make up their own patterns. Student surveys are always a hit in my classroom. Students can go around asking each other if they recycle at home. Students can make tallies or dots with dot markers on the graph. They can identify them, draw them and learn about their attributes. Spring is usually when I start teaching about 3D shapes. These Earth Day 3D Puzzles are super fun! Students match the 3D Earth to a real life 3D shape.

Earth Day art is super easy! Find some newspaper, cut, glue, and paint!

They will make a beautiful bulletin board display too. Coffee filer Earths are just beautiful! Mix up some green and blue water and cut out a few hearts. Students drop the colored water onto coffee filers to create the Earth. To help students see the colors, we like to use the white lids of some of our Sterilite containers for art trays.

I took a few food wrappers and washed them. Then I grabbed some clean plastic cups, straws, paper towels and plastic silverware. I also added some fish. At circle or during play, talk about how they think the fish would feel if they lived in water that is polluted.

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Teach students all about the impacts trash can have on the environment and how to recycle at the science table. Make pollution sensory bottles, sort different types of recycling and try to clean up litter.

Early Childhood Activities for a Greener Earth

I hope your plans are filled with tons of fun center and activities for your Earth Day theme. Want all the math and literacy Earth Day printables? Go grab theme HERE! Just print, prep, and teach! Join Us on Facebook. I tried to harness that pester power thinking about recycling. It works too. What about the cost? It is true that while there are plenty of free eco-friendly initiatives you can try, not everything comes cheap.

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More than classroom activities to help children learn about and care for the earth. Educate young children about the environment through experience and. Start reading Early Childhood Activities for a Greener Earth (NONE) on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a.

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