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How Many Stars Would You Give In A Review Of Your Ex?
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When the reviews come from friends, 80 percent are higher than 7.

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One third of Lulu reviews are from hookups and exes. The rest are from friends, relatives, crushes, and current girlfriends.

Positive hashtags are selected three times more frequently than negative ones. When I first opened Lulu on my phone, I gasped out loud.

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There, in a tiled display in the palm of my hand, were pictures of every single man I know, giant white numbers and hot pink hashtag descriptions next to their faces. An old hookup is 6. An old cubicle mate is 8. As suspected.

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A guy I once rejected is 9. Is he still single? Someone should check on him.

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A gay friend is 8. My brother, boss, and high-school English teacher have not yet been rated.

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Thank God. After browsing his profile, I run into an 8. Halfway through a conversation about health insurance, I realize I am staring at his mouth.

Because how else are you supposed to find out what your problem is?

My Rated EXes - Kindle edition by Brandy Favorite. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? My ExEx Publicity Poster Still from "My ExEx" Katherine Barrell and Jesse Camacho in 'My Ex Ex' 'My ExEx' poster for theatrical release with Andre Baharti and Ray Galletti tamara.

I am mortified but also unable to stop looking — the same way I felt when I first logged into Lulu. Maybe recommending everyone else date a male friend whom you would never sleep with is some sort of distraction technique. Or maybe we see our exes through rose-tinted glasses as a coping mechanism. The high scores creates something of an Olympic-gymnastics-scoreboard effect: When everyone gets a 10, moderate scores become damning. Even high cumulative scores can be subtly cruel in their topical-score breakdowns: A man with a 10 for sex but a 4 for commitment sounds like a cad.

Why is my ex keeping my stuff

And much lower than 6. He later confessed that his 10 came from a friend he asked to stuff the ballot in his favor. Several admitted to seeing kernels of truth in their profiles, and everyone nitpicked their hashtags.

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