Nana Divines Things That Go BUMP!

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The tiny, single-propeller seaplane that brought us here is doing an about turn in preparation for the journey back across the Arabian Gulf. Now they burn with intensity—their hooded eyes fixed on their sparring partners, as they rain vicious blows with feet, knees and fists upon the bag. With his saturnine disposition and sunken, brooding eyes, Bob Velez has features that scream biblical suffering.

Ruben Enaje, his near neighbour in the Filipino barrio of San Pedro Cutud, meanwhile, has the quiet grace of the divine: a long, wavy mane shrouding a mouth that projects words that veer between softly spoken and inaudible. Completing the trio is Victor Caparas, a notorious local tearaway, whose unkempt beard, muted manner and troubled, thousand-yard stare give him an aura that is part beatific, part Charlie Manson.

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In the depths of the Cambodian jungle, there are things that go bump in the night… and things that go bump in the morning, like the ominous thuds that are suddenly sounding on the underside of our boat. We are puttering our way along the Kampot River towards the Teuk Chhou Rapids, around 8 kilometers from the center of the charmingly somnolent little town. Once there, we will swim in crystal-clear pools, sway gently in riverside hammocks, and receive free skin-removal treatments from fussing, matronly monkeys.

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Nana Divines Things That Go BUMP!

From ghoulies and ghosties. And long- leggedy beasties.

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Nana Divine's Things That Go BUMP! - Kindle edition by Kristi Bira. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Bump Bump Bump and other options as Nana Divines Things That Go BUMP,​Say Bump and Take a Left How I Birthed a Baby and a Business After a Huge.

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