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A Greek gold oak wreath, late classical to early Hellenistic period, circa 3rd-4th century BC. Goldworm and her twin sister Samantha are the directors of the olfactive branding company As the designer explains in our video above, both women were born with synaesthesia — they perceive smell as colours and sound — and as a result are fascinated by the connections between art, design and the senses.

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One of the first artists to experiment with this condition was the Russian modernist Wassily Kandinsky who, as leader of the Blue Rider group , hoped to blur the distinctions between sound, colour and words, synthesizing a new experience that would be more spiritual, more sexual, more ecstatic.

Dimensions: 54 x 38 in The emotions a child experiences in the first ten years of life are retained in his or her olfactory memory, which stores the recollection of aromas.

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Hues of olive green, camel and denim blue are embellished to enhance the elegant style. The new Aby handbag featuring the classic padlock and ribbon can also be used as a shoulder bag while the Annie leather shoulder bag with a chain clasp is simple but unique. The jewelry is also diversified.

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In addition to the use of shells and baroque pearls, twisted bracelets and hammered aluminum necklaces are mixed and matched. Sense and sensuality Your Name:.

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Sense and Sensuality was the second and last album by British post-punk band Au Pairs. The album reached #79 in Britain. No singles were released from the album. The album cover wasn't approved by the band. Sense and Sensuality () was the second and last album by British post-punk band Au Pairs. The album reached #79 in Britain. No singles were released.

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