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I read what I'm in the mood to read when I'm in the mood to read it. Sometimes - like last night - I get in the mood for books about naughty, somewhat non-consensual sex between aliens. You know what? I'm secure enough in myself to admit that. I like naughty books that are set in space where aliens are doing it. I also like amnesiac vampires. That has nothing to do with this book, I'm just pointing out that I enjoy a wide range of subject matter. Wild sex between two nearly incompatible species just happens to be high upon my list of likes.

Maurra is forced to have sex with an alien that she never would have chosen on her own and against all odds they begin to form a bond. They're being forced to break the law inter-species sex is a no-no! Both Safan and Maurra are strong characters who are willing to sacrifice themselves to save innocent lives. They take responsibility for their actions and handle the fallout from what they were forced to do with dignity. I honestly loved them as a couple and wouldn't be AT ALL adverse to reading more about their adventures.

Linda Mooney has created a vivid and interesting universe, a bad, bad man who wants to hurt those in authority and two people who come together and make things work under some pretty awful circumstances. Hot alien sex, guys. I'm totally there. And this book delivers that --in spades. She can use her mind as a weapon, as well as her fists. And she has to do just that, when she witnesses a group attacking a giant alien at a bar. The bad guys knock her out and she awakens in captivity, along with the alien she comes to know as Safan.

She quickly finds out that her captors plan to force them to have sex for a pay-per-view audience. Beyond the fact that they are strangers, the situation is more upsetting 1 because interspecies sex is a serious crime and 2 because Safan is an enormous male. Safan is humanoid, but he is a giant compared to Maurra Yet, it's try or die.

The sex is actually pretty hot.

Stories that bite back.

Like, look around the room and see if anyone notices you sweating , hot. And it takes very little time for tender feelings to emerge between Maurra and Safan, despite the horror of their situation. When the couple eventually escapes, they face condemnation from their own people. Maurra is stripped of her position and the consequences are even worse for Safan. But they manage to make their way back to each other and it gets even hotter from there. The world here is pretty massive. And the book is a bit on the short side, more like a longer-novella. So there are a lot of things that are just touched on in broad strokes, especially when it comes to all the different races and planets.

That might bother some people who like all that a bit more fleshed out. And we definitely get that I liked it. I'd be lying if I said I didn't giggle while writing the above. But literally, this is, more or less, the first half of Captive Surrender by Linda Mooney.

This was my first read by Linda Mooney, and I had no qualms with her style. I enjoyed the world she created, though we don't get the full taste of it. Captive Surrender is a novella, a tease into the world Ms. Mooney has created.

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Our heroine, Maurra, is the alpha here, while her hero, Safan takes shotgun as Beta. And that's okay - it works.

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They play off each other fairly well. This novella tangos between erotica and romance. It gets fairly graphic at times, though the romantic conflict takes precedence as the story progresses. To me it felt rushed, and I didn't really believe the connection these two felt for one another. Long story short, Captive Surrender makes for a great quickie.

Steamy, sensual, and adventurous. There were the ups and there were the downs, but ultimately, I'll say there were more ups. Let me start off by saying that sci-fi novels have very similar storylines and since I've already read more than a few sci-fi novels, this one seemed pretty predictable to me. Which ultimately debilitated the excitement and suspense for me. But well, Mooney is a great writer and her words carried me to the end.

The world building is amazing. Detailed but not overtly fanciful or redundant. It was stunning, really. All the peripheral stuff came together with the nitty-gritty, and voila, you get yourself a crazy backdrop. Aside from that, the characters were well-formed and their interactions were..

Those that made an impression were actually those that were witty and funny. Lol, got a kick out of those.

Maurra started off as a very serious, no-nonsense type of officer. Stern and always in control.

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But you could see as the story progressed, she embraced more of her feminine side and even developed a sense of humor in the end. The male protagonist, Safan the Ellinod, is a giant hulk of a man. Not man, more of a humanoid alien.


He has horns which are as sensitive as his manhood. Anyway, not the point. To me, Safan wasn't the ideal male protagonist. Not that I don't like him, just not the best that I've seen.

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Jessica Amanda Salmonson. In this universe, humans are an anomaly, since they don't have any sponsors, they have made the ascent into space under their own efforts, though they have in turn uplifted dolphins and chimpanzees. Xi xiang yan tan 93 min History, Romance 5. Will she just chuck it all? The point is debatable.

He's dominant in bed, yeah, but out of bed? It's more of Maurra steering the reins, so nope, he didn't make the cut for me. I have to say, Mooney sure has some sick and sadistic thoughts up there!

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But patrons enjoy it, so why not right? Two things that bugged me was the speed at which their feelings for each other developed and that sometimes there were just too many coincidences that it made the problem solving a little too convenient. Firstly, how can you actually develop feelings for someone just because he was gentle to you in the course of being sexually violated?

Stories that bite back.

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Which got quite fallacious at some point. Furthermore, the hype and suspense dwindled down midway though the book. But it got back up again right after! I swear, it shot up real quick. Lol, a little wacky there. The ending.. Sigh, the ending. The ending was suh-weeeet. Really romantic! As a sci-fi novel, it's considered not bad; As a erotica, woah, it's burning up here!

World building and character development, not bad either. However, the predictability and all tempted me to stop reading the book quite a number of times, is what ultimately made me give it a meager 3 stars. Reviewed by ELF, Night Owl Reviews Captive Surrender by Linda Mooney is a futuristic science-fiction tale of a psionic adept named Maurra who gets kidnapped and forced into a forbidden sexual relationship with a male from a different species, an Ellinod named Kuvma Safan to provide entertainment and profit for an unholy alliance of creatures that include a race of Kronner and an evil mastermind named Vol Brod.

Despite the forced nature of their intimacies, Safan and Maurra find a way to bond with each other and even though subsequent events cause their separation and individual punishments, they continue to have feelings for one another. Attempts to deal with an abruptly changed life despite having been stripped of her special status as a galactic enforcer thrusts Maurra in the midst of a prison riot and she and Safan abruptly decide to go after the perpetrator of their downfall.

Their partnership will require considerable adjustment and an identification of common goals before they can consider any kind of life together but external forces may be more than they can overcome. An imaginative romance that combines erotica and science fiction elements in an entertaining tale. There are a plethora of species alluded to, each with its own rules and several exotic locales are described as the main characters travel to different planets.

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The author creates an entertaining pair of beings whose continued adventures would be of interest to sci-fi fans who like a little spice with their stories. I liked the fact that Safan was a true alien. He was humanoid sexually, but not otherwise, which I have found to be unusual in Sci Fi romances. Usually the love interest may be an alien, but most times their features are very humanoid.