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The authenticity of the audio recording was confirmed by Robert Maher, a professor of computer engineering at Montana State University-Bozeman, who performed a spectrographic analysis to produce a spectrogram—a graph that can be used to compare fundamental frequency, pronunciation, cadence, and range of pitch between two samples.

In addition to the calls, there was a flurry of email activity during the months of negotiations between Howard and Russell that show Howard was insistent that AMI could not directly pay Kelly, according to documents reviewed by The Daily Beast. Kelly series, according to a person familiar with the matter.

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If AMI had cut a deal with a network that did not know about the secret-payment arrangement, that could have been legally perilous for Howard and his boss, chief executive David Pecker. Former federal prosecutor and chief assistant New York district attorney Daniel R.

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The payment stopped Daniels from discussing her allegation of extramarital sex with the candidate a decade earlier. Cohen, who named Trump as a key participant in the felony, ultimately pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations, tax fraud, and bank fraud, as well as lying to Congress, and is serving a three-year sentence at the Otisville, New York, federal penitentiary. On the recording of the phone call between Howard and Russell, R. Accusations against him first surfaced in early , when the Chicago Sun-Times revealed the existence of a video that purported to show him having sex with and urinating on an underage girl.

He was indicted on child-porn charges but acquitted by a jury. He continued to produce albums and perform concerts even as his finances frayed. In , after a parade of accusers came forward to tell their stories in the six-part Lifetime docuseries Surviving R. Kelly , his record label, Sony Music, dropped him. Kelly was soon facing a new round of criminal charges that could land him in prison for the rest of his life.

The disgraced year-old singer is currently in a Chicago lockup awaiting trial on four separate federal and state prosecutions in Illinois, New York, and Minnesota. He has denied the allegations. During an explosive interview between his incarcerations with CBS This Morning anchor Gayle King in March, the singer did himself no favors, claiming that decades of allegations of pedophilia and physical abuse of women, including the video, were simply lies.

At one point he jumped out of his chair to loom threateningly over King as he screamed and ranted. Howard, meanwhile, has been at the center of controversies that have nothing to do with R. Following the fallout from the Bezos allegations, Howard was removed from the Enquirer and given a new corporate development role overseeing TV deals and podcasts for the embattled media company. The move was orchestrated by the hedge fund that owns AMI, Chatham Asset Management, which drew heat from investors who did not want to be associated with what they considered a sleazy tabloid.

People familiar with the situation told The Daily Beast that the deal has yet to close some seven months after being announced. The Carter Center said the former president will undergo surgery Tuesday morning.

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The records include lab test results, diagnoses, hospitalization records and include personally identifiable information like names and dates of birth. A spokeswoman confirmed that ex-mayor discussed the prospect of the audio venture over lunch on Saturday. Got a tip? News Innovation Scouted Travel. Jeremy Kryt. Molly Jong-Fast. Erin Banco, Sam Brodey.

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While both of these changed the narrative, as well as some of the implications and dynamics of the story, the moral stayed the same: do not let vanity be your downfall, as it was for the Queen, and for Snow White, twice: once with the corset, and again with the comb.

The second major idea that was instituted in the Disney version was the role of the dwarfs: the child likeness of each of them, and the comic relief that they provided, which was prevalent in other movies of the time. First and foremost, Disney spent a lot of time on the naming and characterization of each of the dwarfs, as they had been nameless in the original and were seen more as a collective than as individuals.

Almost fifty names were scrapped in lieu of the seven that ended up being chosen. Some scholars suggest that the idea to give the dwarfs such an important role in the movie, and end up in the title, was a marketing idea that Disney wanted to test out. The mostly likely explanation is that an audience, then or now, blindly accepting the idea of a girl of fourteen or so living in a house with seven grown men, to none of whom she is related, is quite slim. Throughout the film, Snow White is depicted as quite content cleaning and doing the chores. This is not to say that if she was living her life as the princess she is, she would choose to do chores, but she always seems happy.

Furthermore, she may just be making the best of the situation, but, at first blush, while the viewer is watching the film, the idea of Snow White being anything but happy is unlikely to be the viewers first thought. This is demonstrated in the state of the cottage when Snow White originally arrived, which can be described as nothing short of filthy and in complete disarray.

The first scene takes place when the woodland animals band together to help Snow White clean the cottage, hitting on both of the ideas. Finally, the largest change that occurred was the overarching removal of darker themes for the story to be able to appeal to the masses and be suitable for children.

The most obvious of these is how death is dealt with in the Disney version. Moreover, the decreased focus on death is shown in two distinct ways. First, when Snow White bites the apple and consequently dies, the animation is focused on the Queen, with Snow White only being seen after she has fallen, as the apple rolls out of her hand.

She is seen after this, in her dead-like state, but it looks more as though she is merely sleeping. The second scene that employs the idea of a veil over a death is how and when the Queen dies.

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In the Disney version, the dwarfs chase her to a cliff, where she attempts to push a boulder down onto the dwarfs. Instead of succeeding, she accidentally causes the cliff that she is standing on to fall. This not only takes away the idea of the Queen being murdered, with someone responsible, and turns it into an accident, but it leaves her death ambiguous, because the audience is not sure if she has died or not, due to just seeing her falling, as opposed to a body.

Snowy White World to Save (USA Book Awards-Environmental Book of the Year)

America was in the midst of the Great Depression and during a time when most people were struggling to make ends meet, almost two thirds of the population nevertheless went to the movies weekly. The combination of all the changes that Disney implemented created an incredibly distinct version and one that is very different from the one originally publish by the Grimm brothers in Each of the changes made by the Grimm Brothers and by Disney moved the story away from the original oral tradition to unique stories that become something that is all their own, especially in the case of Disney, with the goal of increased readership and viewership driving the changes.

From the opening scene to happily ever after, the role of storytelling and its portrayal of the times continues to be paramount, even today, as we laugh and cry and relate to the stories that we encounter. I loved the Snow White movie growing up, but I would have never guessed that is was actually a lot darker than what Disney made it out to be. I mean, I would have never expected the ending of the Snow White tale to end the way it did. It is interesting to grow up watching and only knowing one movie but then come to find out that the tale that you knew was a tale of another tale.

While the first version of snow white depicted a somewhat blatant tone at least for modern age the second iteration focused an the social appropriation of the story for children.

Knowing that other stories have had similar fates as the case with Snow White I wonder if newer adaptations of stories are following this same set of social appropriation. The comparison and the research you have done for this academic explanatory article is really evident and appreciable. In the original one, the hatred of mom to her daughter is expressed so evidently that she is trying three times to kill Snow White.

In other versions, to make the story appealing to children, they have shown only the scene of killing Snow White by giving her the poisoned apple as well as the naming of dwarfs as though children are more interested in things like that.

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Congratulations for the great work! I was raised with Disney movies so Snow White was always a classic to me. I really like the love story where they meet at the well. I loved this article! I knew that the original Snow White movie was based on a darker theme, but I had now idea that the original was so different from the one that Disney created.