The Keya Quests: The Curse of the Black Sword (Volume 4)

The Keya Quests: The Curse of the Black Sword
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The Keya Quests: The Curse of the Black Sword

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Cryptic Conjurations gift given. Cryptic Conjurations. The kingdom of Shivenridge prospers, but Keya struggles with a troubled pregnancy. Doc must find a way to cope with Keya's complications. Her fairy metabolism only makes her condition worse. A young mermaid has come to Orrehaven in search of a guardian fairy and a miracle.

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Is she too late? Far to the west, an old enemy has found the lost city. Hidden within its walls are weapons of immense power.

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Its greatest secret though, is a second portal, but finding it has come with a catch. The portal requires a key to unlock its secret. But where is the key?

The Keya Quests: The Curse of the Black Sword (Volume 4)

A traitor once again walks among the fairies. Will she succeed in her mission or be discovered. Orren has waited silently throughout the long winter to learn the secret of the rune. A lunar eclipse draws close, if the translation is correct, he must act then. If true, will he actually take his life to free the souls bound to the sword?

The Keya Quests: The Battle For Shivenridge

It is written that a gold-winged fairy can raise the recent dead. If her father breaks the curse, could Keya in her weakened condition bring him back? Join us now for the continuing adventures of Queen Keya as she continues her journeys, her quests. The battle for Shivenridge has been won, but the price was high. A new queen must lead her people out of the darkness, and into the light.

Now is the time to heal old wounds and rebuild a kingdom. The race of the fairies has returned, bringing new hope to a battered world. The new queen has a task she must fulfill to complete her ascension. Will the dangers that lie in wait, be her demise? A traitor lurks in the shadows ready to strike. Their identity will be revealed. Far to the east, a fortress is under siege. A stone of power is protected by a failing staff. An evil wizard seeks the ancient stone. Can his forces defeat the high priestess that guards the stone, or will her call for help be answered in time.

Keya and her people race to reach the fortress.

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A haunting vision drives them on. Is Keya the fairy of prophecy? Her life depends upon the answer. A surprise lies in wait. On Orrehaven island, a special agent searches for one of Foster's men.