The Moonlight Dance (The Storm Series)

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It takes years of practice to be able to do it well, and Cagney does a host of them. While walking downstairs. And quietly smiling away. She and Kelly sing and dance so beautifully together — not in a showy way, but as a complementary pairing, and you find yourself willing them both to overcome their problems. Both films are stirring stuff. Imagine sitting through those in the cinema during You would have waved your flag and bought war bonds too.

And then there are the Nicholas Brothers. A tap dancing duo from Philadelphia, they are still considered by many dancing professionals to be the greatest tap dancers that ever lived. Their sheer strength and energy enabled many moves that would defeat others; in the Jumpin Jive!

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They leapfrog each other down a giant flight of stairs into the splits, and they jump over musical instruments and the big band with a deceptive lightness. Fred Astaire called it the greatest musical dance number ever filmed. Don Lockwood Gene Kelly is a silent movie star. But the time of the talkies is upon us, and his co-star, Lina Lamont Jean Hagen has a voice like a Brooklyn train wreck. Luckily, starlet Kathy Selden Debbie Reynolds , with the pipes of an angel, might be able to save the day. It remembers fondly an era when lines of flappers danced in the first musical pictures, and then it lambasts that era in the next breath with squeaky, catchy numbers like All I Do Is Dream Of You.

The film has its cake and eats it too, using all the benefits of rose-tinted nostalgia.

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The title song is actually from the s, and many versions had been made by artists such as Jimmy Durante and Judy Garland, so viewers would have felt like they were in familiar territory from the opening credits. But he got results. The dance to the song Good Morning is a perfect piece of tapping — all speed and staccato rhythm, fun and fast and fabulous.

Nothing is small in this story of a divorced theatrical couple Howard Keel and Kathryn Grayson who are reluctantly reunited for a stage play — it was one of the first 3D musicals, and its all bright colours, big sets, and enormous dance routines choreographed by Hermes Pan.

She was one of the great tap dancers, but always played second-fiddle in Hollywood, being given supporting roles and one or two numbers of her own.

She tap dances in a living room, on the table, on a sofa, and steals the show. Tap dancing saw a resurgence in the 80s, with Gregory Hines leading the charge.

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Hines was a fast, funky, rhythmical dancer, bringing a new style of tap to a wider audience, concentrating on the sounds and tempos he could produce, but he was also very keen to keep alive the heritage of his chosen dance form. Tap is a film that brings together those two sides of his life perfectly.

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Tap features Hines as Max Washington, just released from prison and looking to get back his old life, his family ties, and his girlfriend. Tying together the old and new is done so well here.

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Look at the street dance scene, where Max explains how to take inspiration from the sounds of the city. An innovative approach where crowds dance along to road workers and drummers suddenly takes us back 50 years as one of the dancers performs an unmistakeable Nicholas Brothers move. Billy Elliott Jamie Bell is a young boy growing up in a mining town without hope, or a future. Billy dances to keep from bursting. I, for one, am hopeful for more films like the ones listed here. To purchase advance tickets for these events, please call or visit CharlestonCountyParks.

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The Moonlight Dance The Storm Series, Moonlight and Roses Moonlight Series Book 0 - is the sense of Aprils Kiss in the Moonlight Moonlight Series Book 2. The Moonlight Dance The Storm Series, Moonlight and Roses Moonlight Series Book 0. Therefore Aprils Kiss in the Moonlight Moonlight Series Book 2, By the.

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