Tidal Wave: How Women Changed America at Centurys End

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Tidal wave: how women changed America at century's end

New York: Free Press, , pp. Feminism in the Heartland by Judith Ezekiel.

Columbus: Ohio State University Press, , pp. Environmentalists, peace and civil rights activists, and feminists have reminded us that we must pursue liberation, justice, and tolerance in our day-to-day lives in ways that reflect our place in, and commitment to, our global society. Through these three books on feminism— a history of feminism in theory and praxis worldwide, a critical assessment of second-wave feminism in the United States, and an analysis of radical feminism in the "heartland"—we have meaningful and important tools for conceptualizing, teaching, and historicizing feminism theoretically and practically.

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Together, they illustrate not only what feminism is and who feminists were and are, but also how feminists have articulated goals, strategized for social change, and devised tactics to meet their ends. They allow us to see how feminism has changed over time, not only in ways that bind us as a global community of feminists, differences and all, but also in ways that make sense only in particular locations.

No Turning Back offers the broadest perspective on feminism, taking into account the political, economic, and cultural forces that gave rise to feminism as well as the nuances of feminist expressions in a variety of places and times. The rise of feminism coincided with the rise of capitalism, which fundamentally changed family dynamics to enhance men's economic power, and with these shifts, emergent political theories of individual rights extended privileges to men exclusively.

Review Essay: Reading the Second Wave: Quarterly Journal of Speech: Vol 91, No 1

In response, feminist movements highlighted the unjustness of these disparities and sought the recognition of women's economic worth and political rights. Close mobile search navigation Article Navigation. Volume Jane Gerhard. Harvard University. Oxford Academic. Google Scholar.

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Sara M. Evans

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  • TIDAL WAVE: How Women Changed America at Century's End.
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Don't have an account? Consider, she urges, the Sara Evans. As recently as few women worked outside the home, married women could not borrow money in their own names, schools imposed strict quotas on female applicants, and sexual harassment did not exist as a legal concept. In Tidal Wave, Sara M.