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He specialises in Greek architecture, and from summer is the Director of the Finnish Institute at Athens. Shipsheds of the Ancient Mediterranean. David Blackman , Boris Rankov.

Trireme Olympias: The Final Report [Hardback]

This is the first detailed and comprehensive study of the shipshed complexes which housed the great navies of the Greco-Roman world, including Athens and Carthage. These complexes represented some of the largest and most expensive building projects of antiquity, and the volume provides a comprehensive survey of the archaeological and literary evidence.

Evolution and supersession of the trieres-- 3. The Salamis campaign-- 4. Sybota and the gulf of Corinth-- 5. Cynossema, Cyzicus and Arginusae-- 6. Naval movements-- 7.

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The men-- 8. The ships I-- 9. The ships II-- The materials-- The reconstruction: fundamentals of design-- The reconstruction: main features-- Since then, five seasons of experimental trials have been conducted on the ship under oar and sail, and the lessons learned have been supplemented by new archaeological discoveries and by historical, scientific and physiological research over the last fifteen years.

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For this second edition, the text has been recast and a number of substantive changes have been made. In addition, there is an entirely new chapter which describes the trials of Olympias in detail, reports the performance figures, and outlines the changes desirable in any second reconstruction. There are 19 new illustrations, including 11 photographs of Olympias at sea demonstrating features of the design which could be represented only by drawings in the first edition.

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Lib Dems. The men-- 8. But even the rowing master in charge of co-ordinating the rowing and normally standing in the central gangway cannot see the oarblades and the crew at the same time, and in any case his voice will not carry instructions more than halfway through a ship packed with wooden furniture and human flesh. If victory depended purely on skill rather than on the financial ability to maintain a horse or buy armour, then the safety and prosperity of the city might depend on the lowliest members of society. Subscription offers. Click on an option below to access. Find the items displaying the free shipping icon.

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