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Saat mendengar tentang kecelakaan " Eastrail " Elijah langsung tertarik dengan David dan ingin membuktikan jika David memiliki kekuatan super agar obsesinya terpenuhi. Jadi intinya Elijah adalah karakter "rapuh" tetapi memiliki impian yang "mustahil". David Dunn Bruce Willis. Seorang pria biasa yang seharusnya memiliki karir gemilang sebagai pemain football tetapi harus dikorbankan karena sebuah kecelakaan yang terjadi di masa lalu.

Tapi di balik semua itu David juga harus berusaha untuk memperbaiki kehidupan "rumah tangganya" yang terancam hancur sayangnya tidak memiliki sebab yang jelas. Hal ini juga yang mengakibatkan dirinya belum siap menerima kenyataan jika dirinya memiliki kekuatan super.

Jadi intinya David adalah karakter "rapuh" lainnya tetapi memiliki kekuatan yang "mustahil". The Twist. Pada pertemuan awal mereka, Elijah menjelaskan ada 3 kecelakaan besar yang terjadi akhir-akhir ini dan tidak ada korban yang selamat kecuali David.

Unbreakable & Colors & Heart Attack ~GLMV'~

Harap ingat hal ini baik-baik. Menjelang akhir film akhirnya David mulai mau menerima kekuatan super yang dia miliki dan menggunakannya untuk menyelamatkan sebuah keluarga yang disandera oleh seorang maniak. Aksi ini membuat David dianggap sebagai sosok "pahlawan tanpa nama" yang membuat anaknya bangga pada dirinya sekaligus membuat David menemukan tujuan baru pada hidupnya. Twist terjadi saat David bertemu Elijah untuk merayakan hal ini, Elijah meminta David untuk menjabat tangannya dan menemukan FAKTA jika Elijah adalah sosok dibalik 3 kecelakaan yang terjadi termasuk kecelakaan Eastrail Elijah melakukan ini semua untuk mencari sosok yang "berlawanan" dengan dirinya.

Elijah sendiri akhirnya menemukan tujuan hidupnya yaitu menjadi musuh David dengan sebutan "Mr. Sungguh sebuah ending yang realistis sekaligus menyebalkan apalagi film ini baru memiliki mini sequel 16 tahun kemudian. Sayangnya penantian panjang tahun dan absennya kata sakti Samuel L Jackson membuat saya harus mengurangi score dari 90 menjadi My Score 80 do you know what the scariest thing is??? Okky Dinova Mohon Tunggu Film Pilihan. Mohon tunggu LABEL resensi mnightshyamalan unbreakable superhero hiburan film.

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Unbreakable is a American superhero thriller film written, produced, and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, and starring Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson. The Unbreakable trilogy, also known as the Eastrail Trilogy, is an American superhero thriller and psychological horror film series. The films were written.

User Reviews. This movie has many different elements but boring it's audience is not one of them. After a second viewing of the film one will see the true masterpiece that is unbreakable. Buster Aug 31, Undoubtedly Shyamalan's most underrated masterpiece.

It's brilliant in every way possible. Jackson and Willis probably should have gotten nominated for an Oscar or at least a Golden Globe.

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It's even better than The Sixth Sense, which is beyond overrated. AKthaBeast Mar 19, This is a mad underrated movie and is a unique real life take on a superhero origin story. It really does make you think about mental health and health in general. The trilogy is one of the most underrated trilogies of all time. RadReviewer Feb 8, Knight at his best. The twist is subtle and the story leaves a great taste i your mouth by the end.

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The Numbers. Prior to the film's production, Jackson met with Willis discussing the script. Choice Movie: Villain. Principal photography began in November and finished in June DPReview Digital Photography. This film has a lot of personal bearing with me, both as a student of psychology and a lover of movies and just plain art. Jackson , who explains to David that there are a certain number of people who are "unbreakable" -- they have remarkable endurance and courage, a predisposition toward dangerous behavior, and feel invincible but also have strange premonitions of terrible events.

Cinemassacre94 Mar 20, If ever a filmmaker vaulted from unknown to lionized status on the basis of one film, it was M. The question of whether this singular writer-director can deliver If ever a filmmaker vaulted from unknown to lionized status on the basis of one film, it was M.


Jackson, yarn possesses sufficient intrigue to hook audiences and keep them on board much of the way, so despite the ultimate sense of letdown, B. Following a mysterious prologue revealing the birth in Philadelphia of a black boy who enters the world with broken arms and legs, second scene is so good that it raises what are gradually revealed to be unrealistic expectations.

When an attractive young woman, Kelly Leslie Stefanson , sits down next to him, he discreetly slips off his wedding ring and quietly chats her up, only to see her get up and move when he pushes too far. Much of it is shot with an agile hand-held camera positioned behind the seats in front of David and Kelly, the cuts are all significantly timed, and the mix of sounds — the subdued vocal tones, the ambient noise of the train, the sudden whoosh of an oncoming diesel — is wonderfully subtle.

Such a sequence establishes a sense of total confidence that one is in the hands of a master storyteller and creates an automatic viewer willingness to follow wherever he chooses to go. Some viewers will go along with all this, while others, like David himself, will resist. This time out, he receives a great assist from lenser Eduardo Serra, whose widescreen work within a subdued color scheme is enormously textured and arrestingly composed.

In subdued, subtle form, Willis gently conveys the essence of a working-class man seemingly beaten down by life but mostly victimized by his own refusal to realize his true potential. Jackson lends his commanding presence and persuasive dialogue delivery to the odd role of Elijah, which never becomes fully dimensional enough despite its backstory of tragic vulnerability. Aproxx Aug 5, Bruce Willis' character left his desires and dreams for love, and he regrets it since.

He chose family over individual goals and was dissatisfied with his life years later, which make him and his family unhappy and at the brink of self destruction well, divorce, I mean. That's my Bruce Willis' character left his desires and dreams for love, and he regrets it since.

That's my interpretation of the movie. If I got this right then is a 7. If not, I'll consider the movie for the literal meaning: realistic and gritty superhero movie, and at that I got a bit bored so is a 5 … Expand. Sasha Jun 20, Unbreakable It is hard to review this film as a motion picture, because it feels more like TV soap opera on mute. The 1 hour and 47 minutes of boring, predictable and foolish sequences of silence in between unbelievably repetitive dialogue easily make this movie one of the most Unbreakable It is hard to review this film as a motion picture, because it feels more like TV soap opera on mute.

The 1 hour and 47 minutes of boring, predictable and foolish sequences of silence in between unbelievably repetitive dialogue easily make this movie one of the most roll-your-eyes producing films I have ever gone threw.

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Bruce Willis plays the dull and slow-moving David Dunn, a lone and unharmed train wreak survivor who discovers that he is unable to sustain injury. Meanwhile, the emotionally unstable and easily injured Samuel L. Jackson plays the obviously brilliant yet deceiving psycho who thinks comic book heroes walk the earth.

The movie unravels from somewhat interesting to boring. It takes most of the movie for what is at hand not to be dealt with, and you find yourself staring at the mysterious situation put forwards simply not breaking through with a much needed common thriller plot twist or breaking point.

Unbreakable Ending, And What Should Have Happened Next

This is of course, until towards the very end. One central problem with the movie is that it is highly unlikely that one man would go his entire life without tripping or falling and wondering why there was no pain or injury.

His mother would not wonder why he never got Chicken Pox? His father would never wonder why his knee did not bleed when he fell on it extremely hard during some catch? His wife would not wonder why when he slipped in the shower and smashed his head on the floor that he did not feel any pain? It just seems so unbelievably silly and impossible for this to happen and for nothing to be realized until a frickin train accident at the age of The movie is essentially unrealistic beyond obvious proportions. The acting performances are easy and have no depth due to the pathetic script handed to the actors only to damage there impressive careers.

Put simply, this movie is bad.