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The first European actress to be invited to Hollywood, silent film star Pola was responsible for introducing all sorts of our favourite fashion and beauty trends to popular culture. She loved headgear, put fur boots on the fashion map and even introduced the world to the concept of red painted toenails. As trousers for women became the norm, the androgynous look was the coolest trend to be seen in.

Brit actress Dorothy worked a full tuxedo on the set of The Crystal Cup , making a style statement that women everywhere wanted to buy into. The square cut was the neckline of the decade, flattening the bust line after years of ample cleavage in corsets.

Co-founder of film studio United Arts, Mary Pickford was a s heroine for women at work, and a power-dressing one at that. Queen of pearls Anita, pictured below right with actresses Joan Crawford and Dorothy Sebastian for the film Our Dancing Daughters , reportedly received 35, fan letters in a week during her heyday. Amazing, right? Think crisp white shirts and relaxed tailored trousers here. Just look at that gorgeous choker and all of those stencil-like bracelets. Mr Gatsby himself, author F.

Home Fashion. We chart the greatest influencers on the twenties' style scene. Latest Stories. These are the questions most feared at Christmas family gatherings. The royal nanny has some strict rules for George, Charlotte and Louis. This is the paw-fect way to spoil your loved ones this Christmas. The best high street wedding dresses in your favourite stores right now.

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Zara sale hacks you never knew about from former employees. Can having nothing to wear cause anxiety? Silk Stockings A wonderful musical remake of Ninotchka with Cyd Charisse as the dedicated communist and music from the stage production by Cole Porter. Films that can be interpreted as reaction against -- of one sort or another -- to HUAC activities: Miracle Although this is a foreign film produced in Italy and written by Federico Fellini , it found itself caught up in a communist smear campaign initiated by various Catholic organizations in the U.

Ironically, just as Cold War rhetoric was chilling Hollywood, this film was used to go to the Supreme Court and win First Amendment rights for the first time for motion picturesin High Noon One of the greatest westerns ever made, this film can be viewed as either for or against HUAC activities. Its director, Fred Zimmerman, claims it's just a great Western. The Hoaxters See entry above. Viva Zapata! Directed by Elia Kazan, himself already traumatized by HUAC, with a screenplay partially completed by the now blacklisted and jailed Lester Cole, with a final script by John Steinbeck and with the constant meddling of Darryl F.

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Zanuck who is determined not to produce a politically sensitive film, Viva Zapata! On the Waterfront Kazan's justification for cooperating with HUAC, or an agonizing portrayal of trying to do the right thing in a corrupt world? Salt of the Earth The work of a group of blacklisted ex-Hollywood film industry workers, this film is a powerful, at times didactic, telling of a New Mexico mining strike. Produced by Paul Jarrico, directed by Herbert Biberman, written by Michael Wilson and starring Will Geer, the film had very limited distribution when first released.

The Brit Boy Invasion: The hot, young, talented actors taking Hollywood by storm

North by Northwest Hitchcock's classic sendup of spies and counterspies, this film marks the beginning of the end of Red Scare melodrama. Science fiction films This genre provided a convincing disguise for a variety of political viewpoints.

Destination Moon We must beat the Russians to the moon, and thus begins the use of space as a political battlefield. The Day the Earth Stood Still An early warning--Hollywood style-- about the madness of cold war politics, this outstanding sci fi film set the standard for years to come. And besides, who can resist the siren call of the theremin?

Spencer Tracy

The Man from Planet X But wait, some space aliens are good. We bomb them anyway.

When Worlds Collide A right-wing industrialist finances the escape to a safe planet after Earth is doomed to destruction. Red Planet Mars One of the classic sci fi films in which God speaks to the world. Invaders from Mars Now a B-movie cult classic, this film explores the quality of fear generated by aliens who take over the bodies and minds of good people, making it impossible to distinguish between us and them. A lackluster remake was released in Them Communists as giant mutant ants. This Island Earth A very good, thought provoking film that presages the Reagan-era obsession with a protective space-based shield.

Earth vs.

Two Tribes

Invasion of the Body Snatchers Perhaps the most famous science fiction picture of the 's, this film can be interpreted as a demonstration of the dangers of communist infiltration and brainwashing, or, more likely, an examination of HUAC hysteria and the pressures exerted to bring conformity to American society. The inevitable remake appeared in The Strange World of Planet X We give this planet another chance and its aliens help us repair a hole in the earth's ionosphere caused by a nuclear mishap.

Not of this Earth A great really! Roger Corman film, this tale of a bloodless alien whose plan is to Take Over the World is sure to terrify. Communists, the Cold War and the 's: By the 's, Hollywood grows bolder in its portrayal of Cold War espionage and bureaucratic hypocrisy. Communist Target--Youth , J. The governmentese title of this one-reeler is "Communist Infiltration and Agitation Tactics; a Report. Challenge of Ideas U. One, Two, Three Satire finally begins to make an appearance.

It contains no narrative voice-over, instead letting carefully edited film footage tell a damning story. Advise and Consent Otto Preminger pits communist smear attacks against homosexual smear attacks on the floor of the U. The Manchurian Candidate One of the best films of the decade, this story wraps communists, right-wing extremists and an exceedingly vile mother into one incestuous force of evil.

When life imitated art and President Kennedy was assassinated, the film was quickly withdrawn from distribution. The Red Nightmare U. Government documentary, with the added feature of Jack Webb as the narrator, this film is a famous example of its type. The Best Man The Reds and the Mafia work together in this one, harking back to the 's formula in which Communists were often gangsters.

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Strangelove Perhaps the best loved, critically acclaimed sendup of the cold war ever produced. Fail Safe This nuclear disaster movie is preceded by a government statement claiming that the events depicted in the film could never happen. Seven Days in May The real danger to America is from the right, according to this classic black and white thriller adapted by Rod Serling.

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold Although centered on subtrafuge in British intelligence, this black and white film of double double crosses still makes for engrossing viewing and it accurately reflects the growing cynicism of its day. Anarchy, USA This documentary presents the civil rights movement as a part of the communist plan for world domination.

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The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming America continues to hone its sense of humor about the Cold War, and now hopes for a warm and happy ending to this senseless political bickering. Communism U. Johnny Got His Gun This anti-war film directed by Dalton Trumbo and based on his novel, originally published in must have allowed Trumbo a sense of satisfaction to see his World War I pacifist story finally brought to the screen and viewed by American audiences disillusioned by the Vietnam War.

The right wing comes in for a drubbing. The Way We Were A romantic look back at the damage done by the red scare to Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand playing a politically conflicted couple from the 's to the 's. Three Days of the Condor As the 's moves along, it doesn't take long before the CIA begins devouring itself, at least on film.

The Front Woody Allen's film not only tells a story of the red scare but uses many of the actual surviving victims whose careers were affected.

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Hollywood on Trial Considered one of the best early documentaries on the activities of HUAC and the film industry, this motion picture is especially interesting for its multi-dimensional view of events, and its concentration on the Hollywood Ten. Reds Warren Beatty's tribute to the American communist John Reed, this lengthy, controversial and powerful film touches on red scare issues as well as depicting the Bolshevik Revolution. The House of Carroll Street Depicts what happens to a magazine journalist with leftist leanings working during the McCarthy era.

Fellow Traveler A British made-for-cable-tv film, this rather good movie is set in 's Hollywood and shows the personal destruction wrought by the hearings. Communist Propaganda Machine and Its Victims A documentary claiming to show how the free press of America has been turned into the liberal establishment that we have today.

Bring back HUAC! Citizen Cohn Made-for-cable-tv film focuses on the life of Roy Cohn, perhaps the single most duplicitous figure involved in Joe McCarthy's anti-American investigations.